From the instructions for controlling elevators used in buildings and facilities in the Jordanian Standards Institution Law No. 22 of 2000 and its amendments:
9-1 The maintenance company bears full responsibility for the safety of the elevator throughout the period of validity of the maintenance contract.
9-2 The maintenance company is committed, during the validity period of the maintenance contract, to make periodic visits at a rate not less than once every three months, to keep official records proving this, and to make these records available upon request from any relevant official body.
9-3 The company must keep a special record for each elevator that it maintains, which includes a report on maintenance work, spare parts, installed or replaced parts, and complaints received from elevator users.
9-4 The company must inform the organization of elevators that have undergone fundamental modifications that require re-inspection.
9-5 The maintenance company will stop the elevator from service and not put it under public use if the owner or owners refuse to address any technical defect related to safety and safe use and inform the organization of this within 48 hours.
9-6 The maintenance company is committed to providing qualified staff to perform the maintenance process.
9–7. Any other requirements determined by the competent government authorities.
Western Elevator Company is committed to the provisions of Law Article No. 9 of the instructions of the Jordanian Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO) in order to preserve the continuity of elevator operation and the safety of users and to provide the best services.


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