Article ( 9) Obligations

  From the instructions for controlling elevators used in buildings and facilities in the Jordanian Standards Institution Law No. 22 of 2000 and its amendments: 9-1 The maintenance company bears full responsibility for the safety of the elevator throughout the period of validity of the maintenance contract.9-2 The maintenance company is committed, during the validity period […]

Introduction To Elevators

An elevator is a means of transportation that transports people and goods vertically from the bottom up and vice versa

Key Elevator Elements

The elevator consists of a cabin or a vertical cage in general, and the cabin supports a parallelogram structure

Elevator Protection And Safety

Monitoring devices (CCTV) inside elevators Residential buildings must ensure the safety of passengers in the elevators, and they include a video surveillance system that can monitor around the clock to prevent any illegal activity from occurring in the elevators, and when people know that they are under surveillance, they are less likely to commit crimes […]