Machine Room

The machine room is located above the elevator shaft. control and speed regulator are placed in it. The following must be observed:
1) The height of the room (HO) is not less than 200 cm.
2) Take into account full ventilation.
3) Adequate space to ensure proper distribution of room contents and to enable maintenance personnel to have safe entry to maintain equipment.
4) Rain water and dust should not enter the room.

Machine Roomless

All elevators, whether hydraulic or machine room, need a machine room to install tasks from a control or a machine with it. As for the modern machines that work without a gearbox to reduce their speed, they are characterized by their small size and high efficiency, because there is no energy loss to work without a gearbox, and therefore the machine is placed inside the well, so it does not need a machine room, and this modern design of elevators provides the end For conventional hydraulic and traction.


If you are afraid of being in a closed place such as an elevator box, then you should only think about this type of elevator. It is distinguished by the fact that its doors are glass and the main walls are made of glass. They are characterized by luxury and attractive shapes, which can be circular, hexagonal or square. These elevators are often used inside commercial complexes and hotels and outside the facade of villas or even inside them, and may differ from other types of elevators in the form of their cabins.


Some lifts are designed with more space, higher, weight capacity than others. Bed lifts are designed to accommodate both physicians and patients' beds. These elevators are equipped with emergency system to respond to the urgent call directly,. These elevators move slowly, Speed of hospital elevators is 5 m/s. Private hospital elevators have strong load capacity, and the cabins are solid.


Which is used in factories, warehouses and ships, to transport tons of heavy goods, and consists of lift elevators and ramp elevators. It have a larger capacity than regular elevators that is why they can carry a weight of up to 6300 kg in some cases and can also move at a speed of 0.5 m/sec with automatic doors or manual. and It has several forms: car , goods , food elevators and others.

Home lift

Home elevators have become one of the basics of the building of progress and sophistication. Today, Arab cities and capitals are no less than their counterparts in developed countries, because they save time and effort. Elevator companies are now offering attractive and upscale shapes. for example, colors that give the place a special character, and there are glass facades. And various decorations.