Escalators & Moving Walk


It is a kind of vertical movement means, which transports people from one level to another. The escalators are the latest in the development of electrical mechanical vertical distribution elements. It can provide continuous, fast and comfortable service to a large number of individuals at the same time, while giving them the ability to enjoy seeing the interior and exterior spaces from multiple angles during movement. It also gives internal spaces, and it is possible to be resistant to weather factors for external use. There are places where the use of escalators is essential. Such as hotels, airports, shopping centers and public facilities.

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Moving Walk

Moving walkways generally move at a slower than normal walking speed. Even when people continue to walk after stepping on a moving walkway, they tend to slow down to compensate. Thus moving lanes only result in minimal travel times and overall transport capacity. They are of two types: The first type: the pallet pattern, which is a continuous series of flat metal plates, forming a corridor, most of which contain a metal surface. The second style is a moving belt - generally constructed with metal mesh belts, or rubber belt surfaces over metal rollers. The walking surface may have a hard texture or a "bouncy" feel.

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