We are Western Elevators Company

Western Elevators Company, is one of the companies that supply and install world-class elevators. As well escalators by providing services. And parts for elevators of various kinds. so working to enrich all parts of Jordan. And this occurs with the safest and most responsible.  and elevators for transporting people under the global business umbrella.

Our products and services also provide an effective contribution. so this  creating better future. And through our commitment to quality and continuous innovation. And the commitment and skill of our employees are the basis of our success.

Western work with our customers , so this find and develop effective solutions. Because  future challenges as best elevators provider in Jordan 

We aim to exceed expectations. and combine performance guidance and social responsibility for our company.

We will achieve challenging goals by engaging the talent of people, Because always believe in a better way.


Attracting customers with products and services of high degree of quality. As well  innovation and maintain existing customers by meeting their needs in the best and fastest time.


Our business vision is to be a company that derives its standing from the people. And its strength from its services and is available to help everyone and build a new future.